God Provides!

Hello, reader friends! How is everyone doing? My trip to Canada was absolutely amazing. Every family member had a blast, I think! What a memorable time. We walked and biked around town, hiked, played games together, climbed on some really cool rocks, and so much more. Here are a few pics. Sorry if they didn’t turn out right. I’m using my phone.

Anyway, let’s get talking.

If any of you are struggling right now, I pray that you see God through this post, and I pray that He uses it for His glory.

If you’re waiting on something from the Lord, wait patiently and pray hard. God doesn’t forget. He knows what you need today, tomorrow, and even later in the future. I was just thinking about what He’s done for me in the past. He gave me a friend about five years ago, and we became besties in just a short amount of time. Six months ago, she and her family moved away. I was so sad. What I did not realize was that God was putting all the details together behind the scenes.

You see, about two years ago, I met someone who now means the world to me. We became super close in a short time, and the Lord knew what I needed even before I knew I needed this. He blessed me with a beautiful, true, new friendship so that when Catelyn left two years later, I wouldn’t be lonely. Obviously, God alone is already enough for me, but He knows we all need Christian fellowship with each other. He has also blessed me with my sweet cousin and her family, and my family, and more friends.

The Lord also provided me with a job and money so that I could buy the new guitar I needed. My old one served me well, but it was time.

So, look back and see what God has done for you. He’s behind every detail….pay attention! He is faithful and keeps His promises. He does not fail. Read 2 Corinthians 9:8. Remember, God alone is enough for you and me. It’s true.

Keep waiting on Him patiently. Knock until He opens a door, and if He doesn’t, it’s for a reason. His timing is not our own. Pray without ceasing and just trust! He will answer.



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