Happy Birthday, Kari!

Hello, readers! Today is April 6th, and that means…IT’S KARI JOBE’S BIRTHDAY!!! She turned 36. Today, I’m celebrating this beautiful, amazing, special girl because of all things she’s done in my life. Ever since I started listening to her music, I’ve felt so inspired. I’ve learned to draw near to God with all my heart. When I listen to her music, I feel the Lord gently touch my soul. I listen for His soft voice and pay attention to His every word. 

Last year, I realized that I was singing to God, but I wasn’t singing with my whole heart. I was just singing the words and not giving any more thought to them. It felt empty. So I prayed and asked God to help me draw near to Him and actually praise Him with all that I am. Then a little later, I thought I’d listen to Kari Jobe for a change. I always knew who she was, but never actually listened to her. So I started playing her music. Haha, I loved it so much! And because of that, I know every lyric to every one of her songs. Or just about. I listened to the powerful words of her songs. And that’s when God answered my prayer. I learned to draw near to Him with His help. He used Kari. Kari obeyed the Lord’s call for her life. And if she hadn’t done that, a lot of people’s hearts probably wouldn’t be where they should. So I’m thankful for the bright light God used in my life. Kari Jobe means a lot to me. I guess you can tell from how much I talk about her πŸ™‚ 

Happy birthday, Kari Brooke Jobe. I love you beyond words. Thanks for being the lovely, inspiring role model you are! You’re hilarious and your personality is just so cute. In many ways we’re the same. Thank you for obeying God’s call for your life.

Love you, Kari.


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