A Peek Into My Bible Time

Hey, there! How are you all? Today I’d like to show you what I’ve been doing in my Bible reading. The Bible I got for Christmas is a journaling Bible, and it has tons of designed scripture verses for me to color in. It’s pretty sweet. Let’s take a look!

I read Proverbs every month, so I’m on Proverbs 4 today.

And I’m also in Hebrews. Today I’ll be reading chapter 4. I’m excited to dive in the Word! It never ceases to amaze me how we can all have a personal relationship with God, our Father. Isn’t just so cool!? That He chooses to speak through His Word!? I’m so thankful for the Bible. 

So, that’s just a peek into my Bible time! I actually have a good camera now, so you’ll see more pics in the future.

Have a very joyful day, and a good rest of your weekend! Did any of you have vacation? We didn’t. At least we were able to get ahead. Oh, would you like to see another Ashley Blake episode pop up? Please let me know.


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