Last Year, at this Time…

Hi, there! So as you know, a lot happened with my family in 2o16. My mom had brain surgery and almost died, and my siblings and I were separated from our parents for long periods of time, because of that. It was hard not seeing my mom in person and not knowing if she was okay. And just the pain of possibly having to say “goodbye.” But only for a short lifetime. I am writing this with tears right now. 

Yesterday, last year, my mom had her emergency surgery. What a lovely Valentine’s Day. Last night I would’ve been at the Valentine’s Banquet with my sweet cousins. Then I think after that we had an “After-the-banquet party.” And today, I would’ve visited co-op for the first time. Today is the day I met my dear friend, Mrs. S. Love her so much! God had all these things happen in my life for a beautiful reason. And I’m glad. If I had the chance to change something, I WOULD NOT!!! Because what would I have learned? Nothing. So today’s post is basically this: I’m glad God put that trial in my life. I’m thankful for all He did. Through that, I learned to play guitar. I’m on the worship team. I’m close friends with Mrs. S, Lily, Evelyn, Mya, and SO MANY other people in my life right now. I wouldn’t have been going to this amazing homeschool co-op. I wouldn’t have met my sweet, amazing friends there or at my second youth group. I’m closer to God than ever. My heart beats for Him only. His LIFE is flowing through my veins!!! -Kari Jobe. There are lots of other things that wouldn’t have happened if Mom didn’t have her surgeries. I wouldn’t really have a testimony. But I do, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with others in the future. I thank you all for being my reader friends! Love you guys! 

Have a peaceful evening!


3 thoughts on “Last Year, at this Time…

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Maddi. And so mature… in a way you certainly would not be if your last 12 months been any different. God is truly good. All the time. Even when things look awful from our perspective, as His children we know He is working all things together for good, to make us more like His son. (Romans 8:28-29) And you, Maddi, are absolutely a stronger reflection of Christ because of the difficulties your family has endured. Miss seeing you!


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