Kari Jobe’s Album Release

Hey, reader friends! Yup, you read the title correctly! Kari Jobe released her latest album, The Garden, yesterday! As you all know, I would think, I’m a huge Kari Jobe fan. So I always have some kind of KJ update or news. I’m going to say right now that her newest album is GORGEOUS. AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. *Searches brain for more possible words to fit this description* Kari wrote this album in the midst of a painful trial. But God brought the most beautiful healing through…a garden. Yes, a garden. Kari was holding her baby boy, Canyon, in her arms last year at her home. She was looking out of her window and saw her garden. It was a bit overgrown, but she felt God. She saw the ivy. It had a special meaning. In her song, The Garden, she sings, “I can see the ivy growing through the walls, cuz you will stop at nothing to heal my broken soul. I can see the ivy reaching through the walls, cuz you will stop at nothing to heal my broken soul.” Just like the ivy stops at nothing when it grows. It’ll reach through the ground, the walls, and it will grow over things. God stops at nothing to heal our broken souls. The Garden has such a special meaning of healing, growth, and redemption, just like Kari’s garden back home. Oh, and her son’s name? That has a special, unique meaning behind it, as well. Kari says, “Canyon means a deep ravine for water to flow through. Canyons are formed through storms, so the fact that God gave me his name was so peaceful to me…I was thankful He gave me his name for that season.” Wow…Canyon’s name! I never knew the meaning behind it until just last week. God can do amazing things, can I get an “amen,” people??? Now that Kari Jobe’s album is out, I totally encourage you to listen to it! I haven’t cried in so long, but that album is MAKE-YOU-BE-AN-EMOTIONAL-MESS kind of album. I recommend waterproof mascara. Anway, listen to her album!!! Her website: karijobe.com.


I forgot to tell you something I did on January 11th with my best friend. We went and saw my favorite Christian band, Unspoken! They were AMAZING!!! And We Are Messengers were there. They were also pretty great. And Tyrus Morgan. He’s not very famous, but I loved him! He sings a song called When We Love. I love it.


My mom, best friend, and I got to meet Unspoken. We were very starstruck for the rest of January. I’m in the middle in the black shirt. EEEKKK!!! Chad, my favorite band member, the lead singer, put his arm on my shoulder and I didn’t really notice that I put my head on his shoulder! HAHAHA!!! So from left to right, it’s  John, Michael, Mom, Donny, Me, Chad, my sweet bestie Catelyn, annnd…Ariel. The drummer’s name is Ariel 😀 These guys were so sweet and funny. They’re pretty good with fans! They sing Start A Fire, Good Fight, Who You Are, and more. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

If you have an Instagram account, please check mine out! It’s maddisonrussell14.

Anyway, have a joyful week! God bless!

Maddi the joyful


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