A whole year!

Hey, people! I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted in like, a hundred years. Yesterday my family and I celebrated a whole year of my mom’s life. As most of you know, she almost died. Yesterday she would have had her first brain surgery, last year. A whole year! It seems unreal. God knew what he was doing that whole time. He’s still working on more brilliant plans. Since that scary, but beautiful season of my life, I’ve grown like a garden in my faith. I’ve learned so much more. And as I said I would, I look back and see how far I’ve come. I thank and praise God for what He allowed to happen last year. I’ll never forget it…

So guess what!? Kari Jobe released 3 more singles since the last time I posted! They are Heal Our Land, Fall Afresh, and just today, her title track, The Garden. A week early! I encourage you to listen to all of them! The Garden is amazing. Kari said that it is one of the most intimate songs she’s written. The Garden album is coming out in a week and a day. I’M SO EXCITED!!! Annnnd…in 66 days, my friend, her mom, my mom and I are going to Kari Jobe’s concert! EEEK!!! April 2, in Boston, MA. Excited is an understatement. I am joyful, shocked, excited, happy, and way more! My dream is finally coming true, all thanks to God! Wow. I’m actually seeing her face in person, not through a screen! And Cody! 😀 Their baby, Canyon Carnes, is turning 1 on February 18th! He’s so big now! Kari’s 36th birthday is on April 6. I’m excited to celebrate a whole year of being a KJ fan, lol.


Once again, I’m very sorry about not posting for a while. I’ve been busy. *But you’ve had time to post on Instagram a hundred times a day.* Ahem. That was nothing. Busy enough to not be able to sit down and post. I’ll try to post more often, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be good about it.

Uh, let’s see. Updates. We’ve been working on the house lately. Painting half way completed. We’re re-doing my parents’ bathroom so it won’t be old and gross anymore. My homeschool co-op is amazing. I’m loving it more and more! I’ve met some pretty great friends. What a blessing! Tomorrow I’m going ice skating with my youth group. I’m really excited because I only get to skate a couple times a year. My dad’s co-worker gave us a few pairs of skates. I always skate on hockey skates, but we now have figure skates in my size. So I am willing to give figure skates a try, again!

Have a peaceful night!

Maddi the joyful



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