Christmas Joy

Hello, everyone! How was your Christmas? Mine was just wonderful πŸ™‚ After our Christmas Eve service on Saturday night, my family went to my Dad’s brother’s house for dinner and fun times. All of my cousins are boys on my Dad’s side except for two girls who live in NC. So I just hung out with the adults in the room with the tree. Actually, it was pretty enjoyable. I had brought my guitar so I played a few Christmas carols and also played Tonight by Francesca Battistelli for everyone. I talked about relationships and other life stuff with my aunt and uncle and laughed and fell asleep on the couch listening to grown-up talk πŸ™‚ It was pretty nice. We left around 12:30 and got home around 1 something. After folding laundry like a zombie, I went straight to my warm bed.

The next morning we had eggs and bacon (I wouldn’t have minded if we had just bacon) and then did a mini church service in our living room. For worship, I strummed the guitar and showed my family my newest “singles.” I wrote a Christmas song and another song that my good friend kind of inspired me to write. After devotions, we all opened our stocking stuffers and gifts. I got a calendar, Bluetooth headphones, a really pretty journaling Bible called “Inspire,” Charlotte Russe clothes, patterned leggings, canvases, and paints, nail polish, room organizers, and a super cool backpack address tag with a pic of my cousin and friends and I after my surprise party. And last but not least and my FAVORITE, a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone!!!!! I’ve been asking for a phone for a while now and after tons of prayer, my parents decided to go for it. So I’m really thankful. I don’t have the phone yet because the store was out of stock, but I’m picking it up tomorrow. EEEEKK!!! I’m really excited. I heard it has an amazing camera. One of the best phone cameras, actually. So I’ll be posting on Instagram soon! Lol…



Then after a little while, we went to my Dad’s sister’s house to see the same people. I hung out with the adults again. We enjoyed a fancy dinner and dessert and a nice talk with everyone.

So I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did, as well. My Dad, brothers and I have been doing a Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit marathon. My mom hates those movies, so it’s been just us. Ahhh, I love those movies. Believe it or not, I could definitely fall asleep on the couch just watching it. Or maybe not, cuz I love them so much! We watched The Desolation of Smaug last night til 11 p.m. We have just one more Hobbit movie to watch! 😦 The Battle of the Five Armies. I cried in the theater. I’m not ashamed. It’s a good movie!!! We have the extended edition of all of the Hobbit movies. It’s really cool.

Just a few more days til 2017!!! Enjoy your December πŸ™‚


Maddi the joyful



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