Christmas is…

Hey, readers! Christmas is like, seriously around the corner. I keep forgetting how close it is 🙂 Anyway, here is the post!


Hanging up lights. Decorating the tree. Watching Christmas movies with a mug of hot chocolate warming your hands. Praying for a parking spot at the mall. Baking sugar cookies. Spending time with family and enjoying each other’s company. Wrapping paper and ribbon taking up the whole floor. Watching Mom and Dad kiss under the mistletoe. Snuggling in a fuzzy blanket by the Christmas tree. Eating the amazing dinner until you’re about to run to the bathroom to be sick and finding out dessert is ready so you somehow miraculously feel better and squeeze in all the pie your poor stomach can take. Then zooming back to the bathroom and asking yourself, “Why am I feeling so sick!?” Answering that question with, “Ohhhh. Right, because I just made that dessert table disappear.” Making forts in the snow. Rolling a huge snowball in the fresh snow and stepping back to see how big it is and being proud. Then screaming at your siblings and trying to somehow communicate to them that breaking or even touching the ball is a huge no-no. But one sibling still breaks it so you “playfully” tackle him in the snow. Snow sliding down the inside of your shirt. Snowflakes falling on your super loooong million mile eye lashes and hair (That’s me) Thawing out your frozen toes. Blanket scarfs. Shoveling til your spine pops out. Pajamas. Peacefully falling asleep in a warm bed with your mini Pillow Pet unicorn in your arms 😉 Getting the present you wanted at the Yankee Swap. Storing a secret candy stash in your closet. (My 5-year-old sister knows about my giant honkin’ bag of Sour Patch Kids and starts threatening to do something that’ll annoy me if I don’t start to hand them over.) Writing a mile-long Christmas list. Spending three hours in Bath and Body Works trying to sample all of the fragrances and walking out of the store smelling like a tornado of cookies, lemons, lavender, vanilla, flowers, lattes, candy apples, sugar, coconuts, peppermint, and just too many scents to count. Admiring all the pretty lace shirts in Maurice’s at the mall. Making sure you never stand under the mistletoe for any reason at parties. Listening to Christmas music and dancing in front of the mirror. Playing Pentatonix’s songs on your Spotify playlist and trying to sing Avi’s, Mitch’s, Kevin’s, Kirstie’s and Scott’s parts at the same time. Learning it’s impossible. Caroling at the local nursing home for those who might need a little extra joy this season…

I got to be a part of a caroling field trip at nursing home on Saturday with a few of my homeschool co-op friends. And what a blessing it truly was to sing to the elderly and bless them this Christmas. Sometimes I would find myself crying softly because I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do right then. I just knew that God wanted me there at the nursing home that day. I was filled with this wonderful joy that can’t be described. God’s joy tends to be unexplainable, lol. Because His joy is the only real joy. Singing and playing guitar for all the people with my friends was just a blessing from the Lord. And a blessing to the elderly. They told us not to stop! So we kept singing, passing out cards, and wishing them a Merry Christmas.

See? Christmas isn’t just Yankee Swaps, fuzzy socks, and a warm fireplace with stocking hanging from their hooks. I mean, the real reason for Christmas is what? Why do we have this holiday? The answer is in the beginning of the name. CHRISTmas. Jesus. The only reason why we have this holiday is because of him. People somehow twisted the importance and meaning of Christmas into something else. It’s so totally okay to have fun! But what I’m getting at is please remember Jesus this Christmas. Remember the meaning of it. We should also be helping and sacrificing for others because that’s what Jesus would do.

Christmas is…


Never forget that!

Listen to Francesca Battistelli’s song, Christmas Is.

I hope you all have a joyful week and a peaceful night.



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