My Special Birthday

Hey, fabulous readers! My 15th birthday was on Saturday. It was wonderful…my church had a Christmas festival that day, and I got to spend my 15th with my amazing church family! The night before, my sweet cousins Lizzie, Tori, Ruby, my best friends Catelyn, Mya, and Evelyn threw me a super special surprise party!!! We had a lot of fun, and we got to stay up til almost 4 a.m! Lizzie planned lots of games which we all enjoyed…I got to eat Cheetos off the floor. I kinda knew about the party, but I had them not tell me the date or the theme. I was surprised! My best friend Catelyn had been over my house to hang out, and she hid in the trunk of my car with all of her bags when we drove over to Lizzie’s. When she told me, I was in shock for a few hours. I still am, lol.

At my party I got:

From Catelyn: A nice, fancy Kari Jobe shirt, as I call it, cuz it’s her style and eye liner.

From Ruby: A gray infinity scarf and a soft plush hippo that you can heat up and snuggle.

From Evelyn: A sparkly gray/brown knit infinity scarf, fancy Paris bar soap, and Lindt chocolate 😀

From Lizzie: Chicken noodle soup, crackers, and fruit snacks

From Mya: A pretty necklace that says “Joy,” “Peace,” and “Believe.”

From my cousin Ethan: A homemade sign that explains me, “I tried being normal once, worse two minutes of my life.” Love it!

Then from my parents, a blanket scarf, Paris watch, leg warmers, and last but not least, a shirt that I wanted so badly…it says, “I’m silently correcting your grammar.” Aww, ya!

I’m using Grammarly right now! It’s super helpful; you should look into it.

Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday! Have a peaceful evening, ya’ll!

Maddi the joyful


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