God’s Bright Light Song Reviews- The Cause of Christ- Kari Jobe

Hello, readers! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful! 🙂 Let’s get started with GBLSR…

kari-jobe-the-cause-of-christ-single-2016Kari Jobe released her latest single a few weeks ago, called The Cause of Christ.

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The only the thing I want in life,

is to be known for loving Christ.

To build his church, to love his bride,

and make his name known far and wide


For this cause I live,

for this cause I’d die,

I surrender all,

for the cause of Christ.

All I once held dear,

I will leave behind,

for my joy is this,

Oh, the cause of Christ.


He is all my soul will prize,

regardless of the joy or trial,

When agonizing questions rise,

in Jesus all my hope abides

Bridge- three times

Jesus, my Jesus, for your glory, for your name,

Jesus, my Jesus, I will only sing your praise.


It is not fame that I desire,

nor stature in my brother’s eye,

I pray it’s said about my life,

that I lived more to build your name than mine.

Wow, great words, huh? I think it’s pretty easy to understand. We need to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. To build His name instead of ours, you know? For this cause I live. Jesus died for us! To save us! And because of Him, I would die. I would die for Him. Know what I mean?

Have a joyful day, ya’ll!


Maddi the joyful


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