What are YOU thankful for?

Hello, readers! Today I’ll be doing something a little different. In the comments section, you’re gonna tell me what YOU’RE thankful for, okedoke?

More things I’m thankful for-

Fuzzy socks

My unicorn Pillow Pet- yes, I have one and I AM PROUD!!!

My warm blue bath robe



God’s Word

Even the hardest trials we go through in life

My warm slippers

The memories of my old house, especially now that it’s the holidays! *sniffs*

You people! My amazing readers!

The inventors of White-Out- yeah, uh, I always need White-Out…hey don’t judge. I just uh, need it all the time. I make a lot of mistakes when I’m writing with a pen!!!

The little things in life!

So, yeah!

Comment below what you’re thankful for! Have a great night and Thanksgiving!!! 😀

Maddi the joyful


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