Pray for America!

Hello, people! Today is the day…Election Day. Truthfully, I haven’t been looking forward to today…not really sure if anyone would. I guess I’m a little depressed about it. America is about to change big time, one way or another. I’m not hopeless. NOPE. I know that God has a plan, always has had a plan. Everything is in His hands. I KNOW that. It’s just…our new president could be…Ugh, you know. But, God is in control. He will do what He knows is best. And His plans are always perfect. So I’m here to say and remind you to pray. PRAY HARD PEOPLE!!! Pray for America, His will, His people, all over the United States. We must not lose hope. In God we trust. Don’t forget that. God loves us very much and wants what is best!

Stars in the Sky is a beautiful song by, of course, the Kari Jobe. She sings about how God is in control always. I encourage you to listen to it.

Let us not lose hope. Stand together and give God the glory, whatever happens. He has a plan! PRAY!!!


Dear Lord, I know you are in control. Always. You have a plan and everything You do is perfect and good. Your are our Good Good Father, and we are loved by You. I come before You tonight to lift up America and your people. I pray for your will, whatever happens. Help us to never lose hope, to never lose sight of You, our Good Good Father. Help us to trust You. I give you the glory, God. It’s all yours. Whatever you allow, please help us to remember this world is not our true home. Our true home is heaven, with You for eternity. Be still my soul, the hour is hastening on, when we shall be forever with You, Lord, when disappointment, grief and fear are gone, sorrow forgot, loves purest joys restored, be still my soul, when change and tears are past, all safe and blessed we shall meet at last. In you I rest, in you I find my hope, in you I trust, you never let me go, I place my life within your hands alone, be still my soul! Very soon we will get to meet you face to face. I can’t wait for that special day, Daddy. In you I rest, in you I place my life and trust. I’m all yours, Father. I’m your humble servant, ready to do your will, ready for whatever you have planned for me. Your joy is my strength. Please give me, us, peace and joy again. I love you, always and forever, Amen.

Guess what!? Kari Jobe released her new song, The Cause of Christ, on Friday! LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW!!! It’s so beautiful, the words so true. Kari wrote it with her friends and…WOW. My new fav song. PLEEEEEAAAAASE listen to it. My cousins, friends, and I are learning it together. I’m playing it on guitar 😀 EEEK!!! Anyway, The Cause of Christ. Look it up!

Have a peaceful evening,

Maddi the joyful


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