Wow…it’s been so long!

Hey, fabulous readers! It’s been so long since I posted last…sorry! We’ve been very busy lately, and my awesome bro just had surgery. He had mouth surgery yesterday and is recovering. Please pray for him…he’s in some pain. Thanks! For a surgery/recovery gift he asked for a lemonade stand because he loves making lemonade. He makes the BEST lemonade, by the way. So today, before they picked us up from my cousin Lizzie’s we- my aunt, uncle, my other bro and I- made Evan the SWEETEST homemade lemonade stand EVER!!! It’s so cool-looking and cute. I made the awning sign. It says “lemonade” on it in a cool font. And then it has a cute flag banner and inside the stand it has all the lemonade supplies you’ll need! Lemons, lemon extract, or, as Evan calls it “lemonade abstract,” and a whole bag of colored cups! It was super fun to make and I had a great time with my family. When we surprised Ev with it, he cried. He really wanted a lemonade stand! Wow, God worked this all out. My Auntie Jenn prayed that we could find some wood and stuff to make it and she found the perfect stand with wheels on it! God is so good! Thank you, God!

Our house is ALMOST done! Except for some more painting and a few more boxes. We actually have a flat driveway for Evan’s lemonade stand, so I’m hoping we can do that if it’s nice weather. I just love the fall! My favorite season of all…

The most depressing moment of my week was this evening when I buried a dead baby chipmunk. I felt so bad. I found it alive on Tuesday and I think it was either newborn or sick or something because it barely moved and breathed. It was so sad. When I got back home I found it dead where I laid it down in a big leaf in the shade. I buried it by a tree. Rest in peace, little, Chipper! You were the cutest little baby chipmunk ever!

Yesterday, I got in a crazy fight with a pencil. The pencil won. Yes, I’ll explain. So I was lying down on my mattress in my cousin’s room doing my math on the computer when I heard my little sister playing a guitar and I wanted to make sure she wasn’t playing my guitar because she’s little and she would have to be supervised. I usually keep my pencil on my chest for easy reach when lying down but this time I forgot about it. When I got up and walked a few feet I felt the sharpest pain like an IV in my foot. The pencil fell off my chest onto my foot, pencil tip INTO my foot and stayed in. The tip broke off and is still in there. It hurt so much like crazy. It still does. My foot is a little bit swollen. UGH it hurts! Please pray for my foot. And myself to not be negative and worried. Ouchie ouchie!

Well, have a peaceful night! Goodnight!!! 😀

*Limps away slowly*

Maddi the joyful



2 thoughts on “Wow…it’s been so long!

  1. Aw, that was so sweet of you guys to make a lemonade stand for your brother! That’s such a cool idea!

    I’m sorry to hear about your foot, it’s sounds painful! I hope that it gets better soon!

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