The New House and Ashley Blake- Episode 6

Hey, ya’ll! Guess what!? We’re all moved in! Praise God! So exactly one week ago we moved in. Wow, right? I’m loving this house so much. And I’m not really finding myself home sick. I prayed that I wouldn’t be. That’s all God, right there! We hired a painter-who is also a friend of my Uncle’s-and my room is all painted. I chose aqua and light grey. So pretty! I will put my bedspread on today, I think. It’s vintage black and white with teal. Also, my brothers’ room is all painted. This house is slowly coming together! I really and truly love it.

Ashley Blake- Episode 6

“Lacey! Pass it over here!” Ashley exclaimed. Ashley, Lacey, Cody, and Lacey’s best friend, Skye, were playing basketball in Blake’s barn by their house. It was a nice barn- a great concrete floor for basketball with two hoops screwed into the walls and a small workshop for Cody and Ashley’s father. Lacey threw the ball carefully so no one else could steal it from her. Ashley caught the ball and dribbled it towards the hoop. Cody and Skye worked together to try to steal the ball, but they were no match for Ashley the Great. She aimed and shot the basketball threw the hoop. “Annnd that’s 10-4!” She celebrated and high-fived her sister. “Great job, ya’ll. I had fun.” Cody rolled his eyes. “Of course you had fun. You scored WAY more points than we did! And you won. As always.” Ashley sighed. “Hey, come on now. Who cares? I had a good time playing with ya’ll. It’s not because I won that I had fun, Cody. It’s because ya’ll made the game fun! Know what I mean?” Yeah, I guess. Sorry.” Ashley smiled. “It’s all good. Hey, do ya’ll wanna play tag, or something?” Skye, Lacey and Cody nodded. “Ok, then.” She tagged Cody. “You’re it!” Cody’s eyes widened. “Not for long!” The four kids giggled and ran away from Cody. He was hot on Skye’s tracks. “You’re it!” “Aw, man!” She laughed and zoomed toward Lacey. “Ashley,” her mother called from the house, “Kari’s here!” Ashley stopped running. “Kay, Mom! Coming!” She turned toward the kids. “Sorry, gotta go. Kari’s here. Have fun!”

Ashley sipped apple spice tea with her good friend, Kari, at the kitchen bar. “So, anything new?” She asked Kari. “Actually, yes. I was wondering if you wanted to sing together at church in two weeks. One of our new songs. Cody could play guitar…So, wanna do it?” Ashley smiled brightly. “Of course! What song were you thinking?” Kari sipped her tea. “Well, we can both decide. Maybe either Take My Heart or Let Your Light Shine.” “Hmm…that’s a hard one. What about Let Your Light Shine?” Kari nodded. “Sure. I love that one. Let’s do it.” The two friends continued talking about life and the funny things that happen in life sometimes. A few minutes later, Lacey, Skye, and Cody barged in the house. Lacey had tears on her cheeks and was crying. Ashley jumped up. “What’s wrong!? Are you all right?” Lacey shook her head. “I was running away from Cody ‘cuz we were playing tag and I slipped! I think I either sprained or broke my ankle. I don’t know.” She kept sniffling. “It hurts so bad, Ash. Get Mom.” Ashley hurried upstairs to her mother’s room and explained the situation. In no time they were back down the stairs again. “Okay, Lace, her mom said, “I need you to see if you can move it around.” Lacey shook her head really fast. “No! It hurts too much!” Kari held her hand. “It’s ok, Lace. Everything with be all right.” Lacey’s eyes teared up again and she hugged Kari as if she was the last person on earth. Ashley’s mother sighed. “Well, maybe we should get to the doctor’s office.” Lacey sniffed. “Can you come, Miss Kari? Kari smiled warmly. “Sure, sweetie.” “Mom, I’ll watch Skye and Cody.” Ashley told her mother. “Thanks, Ash.” “No prob, but how long do you think you’ll be? Skye’s spending the night so we don’t have to drop her off anywhere…” Her mom glanced at her watch. “It’s 2:45, now, so probably two to three hours. I’ll text you. I could bring pizzas home.” She turned to Kari. “Would you like to stay for pizza after?” “Sure, I’ll text Cole. He’ll just have to make himself another messy hot dog.” Kari winked at Ashley. “Oh no, Kari,” Ash’s mom said, “You don’t have to stay. No pressure.” “It’s okay, Liz. I’d love to stay. And Cole loves his hot dogs!”

Ashley’s mom, Liz, Lacey and Kari headed out to the doctor’s office and Ashley, Skye and Cody stayed at the house and hung out. A few hours later, Liz, Lace and Kari came back with two pizzas. It turned out that Lacey had broken her ankle. She had a pink cast on her ankle and crutches. But she was back to smiling again.

Have a joyful day!

Maddi the joyful


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