Ashley Blake- Episode 5

More Ashley Blake, ya’ll!

Ashley’s alarm clock app started beeping at 7:00. Ashley sleepily lifted her head and snatched her iPhone from the nightstand beside her. She tapped lightly at her phone and the alarm stopped beeping. It was Sunday morning and Ashley had spent the night at Kari and Cole’s. Kari and Ashley wrote songs for hours and then hung out the rest of the night. Time to get up, Ashley thought. She got up and walked over to her bag filled with clothes. Ashley always managed to over-pack. She took out a pair of black leggings, a dark red long shirt/dress and a pair of flat-heeled black boots. After she got dressed she wrapped her favorite necklace around her neck. She got it as a gift for her 16th birthday, last year. It was a sterling silver chain with a pretty sterling silver music note charm. Ashley applied her make-up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast with Kari and Cody.

It was the song after the sermon. “Worthy is the…lamb Who was slain…holy, holy, is He. Sing a new song…to Him who sits on…heaven’s mercy seat.”

The worship team worshiped their heart out. Ashley sang next to Kari with tears in her eyes. It was amazing to feel the presence of God right there. She loved this – being close to God and praising Him for all that He is. She closed her eyes, lifted her hands to the heavens, and bowed her heart low before Him. “Holy, Holy, Holy! Is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!” Soon the last song ended, and the church slowly filed out of the building. Kari turned to Ashley and smiled warmly. “Did you feel that!?” “Yes, Kari! I could feel Him so close to me!” Kari sighed. “Most beautiful thing.” “Yeah…” Ashley grabbed her purse and sauntered off the stage with Kari. “So, I’m so excited to start playing guitar with ya’ll next week!” “Oh, yeah!” “Thanks for the offer, Kari. That’s such a blessing.” Kari patted Ashley’s shoulder. “God put that on my heart.” “I love that. Well, I gotta go. My family and I are going out to eat. See ya later!” The two girls hugged, then separated. Ashley ran off to the car with a bright smile on her face.

Hope you enjoyed that episode!

Maddi the joyful


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