Awesome News and Ashley Blake- Episode 4!

Hello! I have AMAZING news! So I didn’t tell you this but we found a house we loved. We put in an offer and they accepted. But the thing is we can’t get that house until we sell our house because really, you can’t pay for two houses! We only had 4 weeks to sell it because that’s how long the contract lasted so we were praying super hard. Well, on Sunday we had a showing while we were at church and guess what? They loved our house and they put an offer on it! It was a little less than we wanted so we asked for a little more and since they want our house so badly they said yes!!! Praise God! He answered our prayers. So we close our home and move into our new home on September 7. It’s hard to think about moving from this house because we’ve lived here all my life. We have so many beautiful memories. I’m sure that on September 7 I’ll have a wet face 😦

Ashley Blake- Episode 4

Ashley strummed her guitar in the recording room of Kari and Cole’s house. Kari sat on the stool beside Ashley and sang softly with her pretty brown eyes closed. Ashley and Kari had been in the recording room for almost two hours writing and singing. It was 4:30 Saturday afternoon and they were going to break for a snack. The girls were putting together the tune and chords for their new song, Use Me. The lyrics came straight from their hearts. This song was the third one they worked on since they started. Once they found the tune and just the right chords Ashley carefully placed her guitar in the stand nearby. “Let’s go eat something.” Kari said. “Good. I’m hungry.” Ashley responded.

The girls entered the kitchen where Cole was hilariously chomping on a left over hot dog from last night’s dinner with the Blakes. “Hey, when’d you get home?” Kari asked. “Just a minute ago.” Cole answered with his mouthful. In the process, some of his hot dog fell out of his mouth onto the floor. “Oh, that’s wonderful, Cole.” Kari and Ashley giggled at what just happened. Cole bent down to pick the chewed hot dog up. “Oh and honey?,” Kari asked, “Once again you have mustard in your beard.” Cole smiled. “That’s awesome, Kari. Thanks for telling me.” The couple was always being silly with each other. Ashley loved that.

Kari took out tortilla chips from the pantry. Then she opened the fridge and took out cheese dip. She warmed up the cheesy sauce in the microwave for some yummy nachos. Once it was finished being warmed she placed the jar of dip in the middle of a large plate and poured the bag of ships onto it. Cole observed the snack. “You’re going to share, right?” Cole asked, and Kari kissed his cheek. “Maybe. But we’re so hungry we could eat a whole couch!” Cole laughed. “A couch!? Where’d you get that?” “I don’t know I’m just really, really hungry.” “Okaaay. You go eat your nachos. I’ll eat something else.” Kari smiled and patted his back. “Thanks for understanding.” Cole opened the fridge and sighed. “Anything I find to eat won’t be as good as those nachos.”

Once the nachos were gone the girls headed back to the recording room. “Okay, Ashley.” Let’s work on our next song.” Ashley grabbed her guitar. “Good idea. Our fourth song.” Kari nodded. “So…here are the words.” She handed Ashley the paper. “Okay. How about this for our tune?” Ashley hummed. “Ooh! I like that, Ash!” “Thanks.” Pretty soon they were finished with the ten songs to their new album. As they ate mac and cheese for dinner that night they asked and talked with Cole about the album. They decided on Here I Am for the name of the album. “I think that’s so cool that we get to work together, Kari. I love that.” Ashley commented. “I love that, too.” Ashley’s face lit up. “Oh, I prayed about your offer with the spot on the worship team. I’ll do it.” Kari and Cole high-fived. “Awesome! You can start next week.” Cole said. “Is that okay?” He asked. “Of course.” Ashley answered. “Great.” Kari added. After the dishes were taken care of the girls watched the show Fixer Upper and painted each other’s nails on the couch in their pajamas. It was 10:30 when they bid each other good night. Ashley slept in the guest room next to Kari and Cole’s room. Again as she hit the pillow she prayed for God’s will for her future. Then in a few minutes she drifted off to sleep with that beautiful, peaceful thought. Her sweet Jesus.

Have a peaceful night, ya’ll!

Maddi the joyful


11 thoughts on “Awesome News and Ashley Blake- Episode 4!

  1. I loved reading your wonderful story, and I can’t wait for the next part. ❤
    As for your moving situation, WOW! My family and I are in a very similar situation, only we don't have a buyer yet. We found a house we loved and put an offer on, and now we're trying to sell our current one. It's going to be hard because we've lived here for over ten years and have so many special memories, but I'm sure we'll have just as many special memories at the new house. I'm sure you guys will too. 🙂 Anyhow, I'm so thankful y'all found a buyer, and I'll be praying that the whole moving process goes well! God bless. 🙂

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