God’s Bright Light Song Reviews

Hey, all! Today I’m doing another song review. This time it’s…


All He Says I Am by Cody Carnes feat. Kari Jobe. Cody is Kari’s husband, FYI 😀


He whispers in my ear,

Tells me that I’m fearless

He shares a melody,

Tells me to repeat it

And it makes me whole,

It reminds my soul

I am all He says I am

I am all He says I am

I am all He says I am

And He says I am His own

I was blinded by scales upon my eyes,

Then He came like a light,

And burned up all the lies,

He set me free,

He reminded me

Chorus again

Bridge :

Chains are broken,

Scales are on the floor,

Truth is spoken,

I’m no orphan anymore

I am loved,

I am new again,

I am free,

I’m no slave to sin,

I’m a saint,

I am righteousness,

I’m alive

Chorus again…

I love this song! It’s so pretty and true. Kari does harmony and it’s a great match to Cody’s voice. Anyway, this song says it all. We ARE ALL HE SAYS WE ARE and HE SAYS WE ARE HIS OWN!!! We are His, and His alone. Truth is spoken, people. Chains are broken and we are free because Jesus paid the sacrifice for us! He loves us so much. We are loved by a king who came as a humble servant to die for us. Think about that for a moment. Let’s tune into that. This is my prayer.

Jesus, I am free because of You. That’s something I have to think about for a while. You died for me, a sinner. You love me that much to give your own life so that I didn’t have to. And for that I am forever grateful, Lord. What can I do for You? What can I bring to You? What kind of song would You like me to sing? Cause I’ll dance a dance for You, pour out my love to You, what can I do for You, beautiful King? (Those are from Jenn Johnson’s lyrics but I made them mine to Him) I love You. You are mine and I am Yours. Forever Yours. Sometimes I believe the devil’s stupid lies about me. I let the lies come over me and forget the truth. Your truth. And the truth is I am all You say I am and You say I am Your own. Thank you, Jesus! Amen.

Hey, I think I know the next song review! It’s called A Little Longer by Jenn Johnson. That one I put in my prayer. She’s great friends with Kari Jobe! 😀

Have a joyful day! Don’t forget that You are all He says You are. You are His own.

Maddi the joyful


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