My Blog-iversary is Tomorrow!

Hi, ya’ll! Tomorrow is my blog-iversary! YAY!!! I will be busy most of the day but if I have time I’ll try to get a post in. WOW! This is my first blog-iversary! Tomorrow will be exactly one year since I’ve had God’s Bright Light. Thank you all for being there in my blogging journey. It’s been amazing. I hope to spread God’s Word more and more and I pray that you might be touched by what God puts on my heart to tell you.


Celebrate with me!

Have a very joyful day!

MRR music


11 thoughts on “My Blog-iversary is Tomorrow!

  1. Woohoo!!*throws confetti* Congrats, Maddi!!!:D I’m so happy and privileged to have you as one of my online friends and Sis N Christ!! I know the Lord has amazing plans in store for you and your life!

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