Graduation Party

Hey, readers! Last night was the 8th grade graduation party for Lizzie and me! It was so much fun. And guess what? Everyone’s grandparents were there. Mine, both families, and Lizz’s. I thought that was pretty cool. We played finger rocket wars, read posts off both our blogs and then Lizz and I got to walk down a path of plastic with the Lion King music going on in the background. You know when the baboon/monkey is lifting Simba dangerously in the air? I think the song is called The Circle of Life. I suggested that she and I should try to fit in her awesome hot dog costume together as we walk to get a laugh out of it. We didn’t but I loved every second of it. After that my Uncle Rusty read some scripture and talked about how there will be tons and tons of choices in life and that we should choose life. A life so filled with Christ and Jesus-centered. That’s what I choose.

After the scripture reading Lizzie and I got to open gifts. My Mom got Lizz a letter “L” that lights up and she got me a tin “M” that will go perfectly with my new Paris room when we move. She and I each got a faithgirlz journal from our Aunt Kim. My grandparents got me the Kari Jobe CD I wanted and it’s my favorite album of Kari’s! Boo yeah! It’s called Where I Find You. When I opened it I started yelling and screaming “Yes! Yes!” I just love Kari so much, lol. She has the most adorable pictures of her in the CD paper thingy. *Makes a mental note to sing along with Kari soon* My other grandparents gave me 20 dollars and Lizzie’s parents gave me 20, as well.

KJ where

My brothers and boy cousins got a long, large box out of the trunk of our car and they brought it over to me. I was a little surprised when I opened it and saw THE BLUE GUITAR THAT I WANTED SO VERY BADLY!!!! Yes, my parents got me my very own guitar! When I opened it I cried. I seriously cried. I just sat there with my face in my hands pouring tears out of my eyes and not caring about how many people saw me crying embarrassingly. I’m pretty sure my Mom got a video but I don’t care. Ohhh my precious, precious guitar. AAHH! I was planning on buying a guitar myself but they got it for me! The customer reviews were really good and the sound is so amazing. It’s an acoustic electric guitar and the brand is Jameson. It came with 3 picks, a guitar case and guitar plug-ins for the amp I’ll have to get sometime. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH, MOM AND DAD!!! Lizzie gave me a really cool guitar charm made out of a bottle cap from when they went to Belize. It’s so cute. I tied it on one of my guitar string tuners and it dangles really sweetly. Thanks Lizz! Oh, by the way, I named my guitar Kari 😀 We’ll be friends forever, Kari and I. Lizzie, George the Guitar was a great partner. I’ll miss him. *Sobs*

This is part of Kari 😀 Not the full, obviously. Isn’t she gorgeous!?

Blue Jameson

Lizzie also got a black spinny chair that she asked for. That’s awesome, Lizz! Can’t wait to spin with ya! She also got a pretty bangle bracelet from my grandparents along with some money from both our grandparents. How do I say that? Lizzie, am I forgetting anything you got? Nice gifts! Hey, can you tell Ethan I said thanks for the wooden “M” he made for me and the the free guitar lessons online thing? Thanks! Love ya!

Have a very joyful day!

Love ya’ll amazing readers and bloggers!Maddi sign off nautical




24 thoughts on “Graduation Party

  1. AAAWWW! NICE!!!!! Kari is a great name!!! 😀 MY guitar is just an acoustic! 🙂 😀 My guitar’s name is Marty! 😛 For some reason, both of my instruments have boy names! xD 😛 😀 🙂 WOW!!! So congratulations with all that!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 🙂 😛 I’m SO happy for you both!!!! 😀 😛 (XD XD XD I just almost said happy birthday, 😛 ) XD XD Hehe!! 😀 😀 Have fun with the Guitar and your music and …everything else you got!!!! 😀 🙂 😛 😀


  2. Haha thanks! 😀 I named her after Kari Jobe because I know I’ll always love her. What brand is your guitar? Marty and what is your mandelin’s name? I don’t know how to spell that.


  3. Oh Maddi I am sooo sooo happy for you. That guitar is amazing ( love the blue ). And I like the name as well, Kari is the perfect name, I hope that you have a great time with it.


  4. This is Lizzie, it was actually your grandparents that gave me the bracelet 🙂 they’re so nice, it was great to meet them! Can’t wait to see you again! Ruby says, “Cheddar cheese” and Cody says, “Wholly cheese” 😛 🙂

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  5. YES!!!! YOU GOT THE ALBUM!!! EEEK!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU, MADDI!! Oh now I want that guitar, lol!:D:D I’ve been planning on starting to teach myself guitar this summer, but it hasn’t happened yet. 😉 My key board’s name is Klavier(German for piano;P). Happy Graduation, Maddi!!!:D *throws confetti*

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  6. Congratulations to you and your cousin, Lizzie! Your guitar is beautiful! I just love the color! 🙂
    My future sister in-law sings so amazing – my dad always refers to her as Kari Jobe, so every time you talk about her, I can’t help but think of her 🙂

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