Ashley Blake – Episode 2

Hello, readers! Here is the second episode of Ashley Blake. Enjoy!

Ashley carefully placed her guitar in its case and slowly zipped it up. As she swung it onto her shoulder, Kari, the church’s worship leader/singer sauntered up the stage stairs with a glowing smile. She was a great of Ashley’s and they were very close in friendship. Like Ashley she had brown hair, a beautiful voice and was always flashing that warm smile. She was 34 but it seemed as though there was no age difference because they were so close. Kari was married to Cole, the guitarist, and was three months pregnant. When Ashley found out from her she cried with joy. This was their 2nd and a half year of marriage. Kari came up to Ashley. “Ashley, you did an amazing job. I could feel the presence of God right then and there. You, my friend, have a God-given talent.” Kari hugged her. “Thanks, Kari. I could feel His presence too. Yes, I thank Him for it every day. He has truly blessed me. And to give back I sing for Him! I love it.” Kari nodded with twinkling eyes. “I just think it’s so cool that God gives each and every one of us special talents. Hey, I came up here to ask you if you’d like to be a part of the worship team. You’d be a great new edition.” Ashley’s jaw dropped and she gasped loudly. “Really!?” Kari tipped her head back, laughing. “Ashley! Yes! You’re amazing at guitar and you have such a pretty voice. It’s unique and we need that up here. Oh, and the way you worship? It’s so passionate and Jesus-centered. We need people to see that. You could play guitar up there right next to Cole and me. How ’bout you pray about it, okay?” Ashley nodded, eyes sparkling. “Of course, Kari. Thanks for inviting me on the team.”

They hugged again and walked off the stage with arms linked. As they neared the main door they separated. “Cole had to leave right after the service but he told me to tell you that you did a great job. He said he’s proud of this guitar student he teaches.” Kari put her hand on Ashley’s shoulder. “He’s very proud.” Ashley put down her guitar. “Cole is an awesome guitar teacher. Tell him thanks for teaching me.” Ashley said. “I will. Love you, girl! See you tomorrow night at Bible Study.” Ashley and a few other kids from Youth Group met at Kari and Cole’s for a small Bible Study. The study was on worship and how it should be Holy-Spirit filled and passionate. Worship that should raise the roof. “Oh, and before I forget, you and your family are invited for dinner and game-night at our place on this Friday night. It’ll be super fun. Just your family and my husband and I. Text me what time is okay for you guys. Kay?” Ashley nodded. “Sounds like fun. I’ll let my parents know and text you. Bye, Kari! See you tomorrow night!” She grabbed her guitar and they headed in different directions. Ashley’s parents were talking with one of the elders named Steve and her two siblings were playing on the playground. Soon they were headed home.

Have a joyful day!


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