New Series! Ashley Blake- Episode 1

Bonjour, my amazing readers! I’ve started a new series called Ashley Blake! I’ll try to actually finish this one. Anyway, enjoy! 🙂


Ashley Blake picked up her blue guitar and searched for her favorite pink pick. “Where in the world is it?” she thought aloud, “I’m always losing it!” She lifted a book off her nightstand and found the pick hiding as if it didn’t want to get scraped against the sharp strings today. “Aha! There you are, Pickle!” Ashley exclaimed. She liked to name her possessions. Her guitar’s name was George. Her pillow’s name was Softie. Seriously, she named everything. Ashley sat on her bed and carefully placed her guitar, George, in the right position and strummed with her pick. She wrote a song called I Am Yours that she was to sing at church tomorrow for special music. Her voice was unique and pretty and very pleasant to hear. Ashley’s parents had always told her she should sing for special music some Sundays. Her song drifted all around her and filled the room with a beautiful sound. “I give you my heart, Lord, I am yours,” She sang away. Every time Ashley sang she felt as if God was telling her to go out into the world and sing for Him. And she felt that way now. She was 17 and waiting patiently for God’s plan for her life. After she practiced her song a few times she played another song by her all-time favorite singer, Kari Jobe. It was her most favorite song in the world, called Joyfully. She loved it so much. Her plan was to eventually sing it one Sunday soon. “Joyfully, I lift my voice in praise to thee,” Ashley sang again. The lyrics were beautiful and she always sang her heart out with this song. After she was finished she put down her guitar and put away her pick where she’d actually find it. Then she thanked God for giving her this voice. After, she chose her outfit for church. A pair of her best jeans, a light blue 3/4 sleeves shirt, and silver sandals. Everything fit perfectly with her pretty blue eyes and silky, wavy, light brown hair.

music notes

It was her time to perform on stage. She was a little nervous, but she didn’t need to be. Ashley, with sparkling blue eyes, climbed the four steps onto the stage and grabbed her guitar. Before she started playing she said a silent prayer. She took a deep breath and strummed. Her voice filled the air and everyone in the room wore a smile that reached their eyes. Ashley’s favorite verse was Psalm 100:1, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” She always remembered it when she sang. The song lasted three minutes and after one last strum she smiled and thanked God for this opportunity. Soon the room was filled with loud applause and a radiant smile from Ashley made its way into everyone’s hearts. She raised her arm up and pointed to heaven, giving God all the glory. She closed her eyes and whispered a prayer. “God, I think…I think I discovered what you want me to do with my life. But please make it crystal clear. Whatever your plan, Lord, I’ll do it.”

Did you like it? Stay tuned for episode 2! I’ll try to post it soon 🙂 What did you think? Please comment below! 😀

Have a joyful day!

Much love,

Maddi sign off nautical



8 thoughts on “New Series! Ashley Blake- Episode 1

  1. Maddi!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! 😀 You are an AMAZING Blogging friend! 🙂 I love how all of your posts center on God! 🙂 Love you, Girl! 🙂 😀 That was an AMAZING Story!!!!!! 😀


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