It’s Been Too Long…

Hey, fabulous readers! I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post. My family and I were in North Carolina visiting relatives. I had a great time. We went to the beach, swam at the pool, played cards, hung out with family and went on a board walk. At the board walk I got to see baby tiger cubs!!! They were so adorable and now I want one, lol. But while we were there we found out from our friend who was taking care of our pets that our old cat, Ali, died. We don’t know when she died but she found her underneath the stairs. I’m pretty sad about it because I’ve known Ali all my life but I’m also relieved that she died naturally. That was my prayer.

I’ve gotten better with guitar and I think I might be obsessed. I finally found another strumming pattern and I’m really glad. Oh, I have also written a few song and two are getting worked on. *Sigh* Guitar is amazing. I discovered a new talent from God. He is the One that blesses everyone with those gifts. He’s given me a gift of singing, art, playing guitar and probably more I haven’t discovered yet. God gives each person a talent to use for His glory, so you should use it to give Him the glory. Isn’t it so cool how He gave you that talent as a gift!? If you can sing, sing for Him and make a joyful noise. If you can paint or draw, use it for His glory somehow. If you play an instrument, play for Him. Whatever talent God gave you, use it for Him and His glory.

Also, whatever you are doing, do it for Him. Even weeding the garden or doing school work. Don’t be lazy. God wouldn’t want that. Let’s say you turned in your homework (Most of you are home schooled so let’s say you gave your work to your parents) and all of the work was sloppy and you didn’t even give your best. Umm, not okay! God wants you to do your best work, no matter what. Okay, so, what if your parents give you a chore and it could be the worst chore in the world. Hmm…maybe scrubbing toilets with a sponge until they were as clean when you first got them. Even if they did give you that, God would want you to do it for Him.  And you know what? This all narrows down to “Do all things without grumbling or complaining.” If they gave you a chore, you went and did and you had an attitude about it, it’s still disobeying God. Know why? Because He says to honor your father and mother and do all things without grumbling or complaining. I must admit that I need to work on this, as well.

Have a joyful day!

What about you? What talents did God give you?

Maddi sign off nautical


13 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long…

  1. Maddi, you are a voice for the Lord. I am so proud of your witness, and I love your example! ❤ Hey, you didn't tell me you saw tigers!

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    • Thank you. I love being God’s Bright Light. He gives me the right words and I deliver His message.

      Oops! Well, now you know, lol. I saw a white Bengal tiger cub and an orange one. I don’t know what it’s called.


  2. Its good to hear you had a good time in NC! But thats very sad about your cat :/. And I never even got to meat her!

    And that it SO TRUE. I deffinently need to work on doing chores and school work and cleaning with out grumbling and complaining. ‘Cause thats one of my down falls…. Thank you for sharing, Maddi!! You really made me think.

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  3. Sounds like you had a fun vacation! 🙂
    Oh wow, you cat must have had a long life. 🙂 Farm cats don’t usually die from old age, unfortunately. 😦 😉 I’m sorry she died. 😦
    Oh! I keep meaning to ask you, is there a certain place you find music or something? 😀 I’d love to find some fairly CCM music to play. 🙂
    Your post reminded me of one of my favorite songs by Steven Curtis Chapman. It’s right… here:


  4. Aww! That’s super neat that you were able to see baby tigers!!:D And I’m still so sorry that your cat died. 😥
    Do you teach yourself guitar?
    And I am still eagerly awaiting hearing you sing someday! You have such a heart for the Lord so I know that He will shine through you and your voice, as well as through your other talents!
    I’m starting to try to work cheerfully and to give my best-in fact, it really hit me this morning after I read my Bible and prayed. So, it’s kind of a coincidence that you posted this today! I guess this is a sign of God confirming to me that that conviction was from Him! He works in wonderful ways!:)

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