God’s Bright Light Song Reviews

Hello, fabulous readers! How are you this beautiful day?

Today’s God’s Bright Light Song Review is:


Forever is such a beautiful, powerful song. Let’s get started!



The ground began to shake

The stone was rolled away

His perfect love could not be overcome

Now death where is your sting

Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated

Forever, He is glorified

Forever, He is lifted high

Forever, He is risen

He is alive, He is alive!

I’ll just leave you with this. Jesus died for you and me so that we wouldn’t have to. That is one GIANT sacrifice. On top of that, He even ROSE from the grave!!! That is so awesome! Forever He is glorified! Guys, we’re forgiven. We’re free. Praise Jesus! Let’s take a moment to thank Him for all that He has done.

This is my prayer. You can pray, too.

Lord, I don’t really know how to thank you enough. I’m on my knees. I lift my hands up high and I bow my head. Thank you, Jesus. You’ve forgiven and set me free. FOREVER YOU ARE GLORIFIED! FOREVER YOU ARE LIFTED HIGH!!! Your love is so overwhelming. It’s hard to understand your love for me; a sinner. But I just want to thank you for loving me anyway. I’m forgiven because of what you did. My life is all yours. I am yours. Thank you. You are always enough for me. I love you so much, my King. My Father. My Savior. You are the King of Kings, yet, you came as a humble servant. Your love for me is that deep. It burns for me like a fire untamed. It flows through the deepest waters. Your love is all consuming. You never stop pursuing. Nothing I could face could ever take it away. I am forever yours and you are forever mine. Thank you, forever and ever! How majestic is your name, O God. The heavens tell how great you are. Jesus, wonderful, powerful, You’re the Lord of all. You are the Lord of my life. I bow down at your feet. There is no one like You. Holy, Holy, Holy, are you, O God. Your name is so sweet and refreshing to my soul. Your name, O your name, let it stay on my lips. You’re the breath in me. You’re my everything. Jesus, you are my EVERYTHING. You are ALWAYS enough for me. You, God, are my one desire. My heart will ALWAYS sing “I love you.” Amen.

My next song review will be either Revelation Song or Joyfully.

Have a joyful and peaceful evening!

Maddi sign off nautical


21 thoughts on “God’s Bright Light Song Reviews

  1. I love it how young people can do so much and I love how you are using social media typed things for spreading your love for God. Everyone needs to know this stuff and one day you’ll be quite famous cause right now’s just the start.


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