Hi, everyone! Boy, do I have some awesome news to tell you!!! As you all know (I think, if I haven’t said it enough, lol.) my favorite singer is Kari Jobe. On April 22, I wrote a letter to her saying how important she and her music are to me and I thanked her for what she’s doing because each time I hear her music I feel God’s presence. It was a super long letter because I just wanted to tell Kari EVERYTHING. I gave her my testimony and I told her what had been going on in my life. So yeah, really long letter. Um, what day is it? Oh yeah, Friday. On Tuesday night I walked into the house (I was outside doing yard work with my siblings) and I glanced at the kitchen counter where my Mom was making dinner. On that counter I saw an envelope with my name and address on it. I thought, “Hmm…wait. a. minute.” As I picked it up I flipped it over to open it and then I saw a very familiar address that I recently mailed a letter to. By then I knew who it was from. I managed to get out a few words before my crying started. “Mom. IT’S KARI JOBE!!!” You can probably imagine what happened next. I ripped the top part of the envelope open and took a card out.

(Evidence that Maddi freaked out and this happened)


Then I started crying because on the front of the card it had Kari’s adorable picture and her AUTOGRAPH!!!


I flipped to the back of the card and there was a little letter for me!


It says:

“Maddison! I am grateful for all God is doing in and through you in this season of your life. I am also thankful to play a small part in you connecting to God through worship. I pray for the Lord to continue to minister to you as you draw close to Him. He is always faithful. I hope to worship with you again soon! Much love, Kari…and many thanks for the beautiful earrings! KJ”

I sent her really pretty earrings. So that whole night I had a giant smile on my face and I’m still so joyful!. I prayed that Kari would write to me and she did! Every time I look at the card I thank God for it. He is amazing. My favorite singer and my role model wrote to me.

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

If you desire something, tell Him about it. Ask Him respectfully. I asked God but I also said only if it is His will. It was His will. God cares about even the smallest things. What may be small is BIG in His eyes. He LOVES to bless us.

Have a very joyful day!

Maddi sign off nautical


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