My Writing Assignment: Lizzie

Hey, everyone! Today I will be showing you my writing assignment from my home school co-op class. Alrighty, the assignment is about my sweet cousin Lizzie!

My Cousin Lizzie

Lizzie is a blonde with pretty blue eyes. She doesn’t like wearing make-up. She is tall; 5’3, and is very unique. Her smile is heart-warming. Lizzie is a tom-boy but doesn’t like the word “tom-boy” because, well, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like the name “Tom” and that the word “boy” is in “tom-boy.” 😀 She loves climbing trees and is a bit daring.

Lizzie clearly loves Jesus with all her heart. If you were with her, you could tell. She is kind and loving, caring and sweet. She puts people first and knows how to make your day. Lizzie is encouraging and will help you if you are feeling down. She’ll turn your smile upside down. She’ll share verses to help strengthen you and will pray with you. Trouble with your math? Lizzie will put down her own work to help! And if you don’t always get your way she’ll remind you to have a thankful heart. (Thank you, Lizz! I love that!)

If you feel like being weird Lizzie will gladly join you. If you want to drive the four wheeler through the trees and scream “For Narnia and the North!!!” she’ll be right there with you and participate in the strange-but-awesome-action!

Lizzie will be an author someday. She writes beautiful stories and her writing is flawless. God gave her an amazing talent. She can weave together a perfect plot with characters so bright and then…bam! A BRILLIANT story is born.

Lizzie is musical. She tickles the piano keys and strums the guitar strings. Her voice is a soft breeze blowing among the flowers.

Lizzie enjoys being around people. She loves sleep-overs at her house and get-togethers. She enjoys spending quality time with loved ones.

Lizzie adores the outdoors. When it’s a bright, sunny day she’ll open the windows and head outside. The sun shines on her blond hair making it golden. She likes making forts in the woods with her family. She’ll decorate it to look like a home.

Lizzie is my cousin and I love everything about her!

How is it? Lizzie, I wrote this for you 🙂 thanks for being the sweet cousin you are!

I started a new page. It’s Kari Jobe Song Quotes :). Check it out! I will add more quotes eventually. Oh and I got my Kari Jobe package! Yay! I’m wearing the sweatshirt and bracelet right now.

Have a joyful rest-of-your-day!

Maddi sign off nautical


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