God’s Bright Light Song Reviews

Hello, dear readers! I am going to do something new! I am starting God’s Bright Light Song Reviews. Lets’s get started…


GBL-We Are


Today’s song review is a song called We Are by my favorite singer, Kari Jobe. Here is the chorus:

We are the light of the world,

We are the city on a hill,

We are the light of the world,

We gotta, we gotta

We gotta let the light shine

So I am going to talk about what it means. We are the light of the world and we gotta let it shine. We are God’s bright light and we need to shine for him and others. We are called to spread the news, the simple truth. So are you ready to shine for God and for others? As Christians that is a VERY important job. If we don’t tell others about Jesus, then who will? How about you listen to We Are today. It’s a wonderful song.

I hope you liked this review! I will most likely post Kari’s songs because they are so good!

Maddi sign off nauticalΒ Oh, how about an update!?

My Mom is doing WAY better! Yay! Thank you, Jesus! She can drive now and do things she couldn’t do before. She has some headaches still, but they aren’t like the really bad ones, for which I am thanking God for! Thank you for your prayers, please continue to do so πŸ™‚




13 thoughts on “God’s Bright Light Song Reviews

  1. I hope your mom gets better! And yes, it seems like there are just not enough people telling others about Christ! That is why I am going to own a Christian Cafe when I grow up! It’s another way to let others know about Jesus!

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  2. This was great! This is my favorite song by Kari Jobe! πŸ™‚ And that is GREAT news about your mom! Praise God! I will keep your family in my prayers!! ❀


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