Good News and My New Blog

Hey, readers! How are all of you doing this wonderful evening?

Yes, you probably want to hear the news! So here it is!

My parents just got back from New York today and we are already home now! Wow, right!? God is just SO AMAZING! We prayed for a miracle and we got more! Mom’s kidneys were close to failure. Her head is fine but her kidneys weren’t. But, God gave us a miracle! We were praying a lot and asking for God’s Will. We have all learned so much…and we’ve all learned to be thankful and rejoice when God’s Will is different from our’s. Praise Him!!!!

So yes, I have another blog. Because of my love for Language Arts and Grammar, I’ve started a grammar blog! I’m so excited to post! It’s called Faithful Grammar Cop. Why is it called that? Go and find out! 🙂

Have a peaceful night!!!

Maddi sign off nautical


One thought on “Good News and My New Blog

  1. PRAISE THE LORD!! What amazing news!! Prays sure have been answered!! And I’m sure its nice to have your parents back home with you :). I love your new blog and ant wait for the posts to come!!


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