My Testimony! :)

Hello, once again. I want to share with you my testimony!

Right now my siblings and I are back at Lizzie’s because…My parents are going back to New York again! But…I am ok with that. Want to know why? On Thursday night -Maundy Thursday- during our family devotion time (at Lizzie’s) my Uncle talked about the storms in our lives and how they are part of God’s perfect plan. And how God doesn’t waste our hurts. God wants to teach us all something. It could be anything. Like maybe He wants your faith to grow stronger. In the beginning it might be tough but at the end you’re stronger in the faith and you look back thanking God for every SINGLE part of it.

Here’s my example: if you’re a beginner at playing guitar, your finger tips are soft. When you start to play your finger tips get sore from the strings. But when you keep playing and playing you eventually get tougher finger tips. That’s how it is with us. We get tougher and tougher.

Well after the devotion time, when I was in bed, I was emailing a wonderful, super close friend of mine, Mrs. Steinhauser, whom God brought in to my life during my parents’ stay in New York. I love you, Jennie!!! πŸ™‚ I met her back in February, the day after a Valentine’s Banquet, the 15th. Anyway, I wanted to share with her what I learned because she knows what I’ve been going through. During that email, I was remembering what I learned and then all of a sudden…I felt something slowly and peacefully washing over me, like sometimes when I take a calming bath I slowly pour the warm water on me and it feels great. Well that night, I felt the most amazing feeling in the world. It was peace and rest and joy! It wasn’t any type of worldly feeling that you maybe get. But it was heavenly. Lasting. The type of feeling that you know that it could ONLY be from God! Not only was I feeling peaceful and rested, I was feeling joy! In all this I found that I could rejoice! We are supposed to. And I’m still feeling it. I’m rejoicing because this is part of God’s perfect plan. I’m ready for what He has in store for my family and me. It might be hard but He wants my faith to grow stronger. And it’s getting stronger and stronger. God is with us every step of the way too! Guys, I FEEL AMAZING! I want to go outside and dance in the rain and scream “THANK YOU, GOD!!!” But it’s not raining, so I’ll find something else to do, but still praise God.

Everyone, whatever you are going through, God is with you ALL the time. Just know that it’s part of His perfect plan and He doesn’t waste your hurts. Oh, and thank God for everything. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s not. Yes, you should thank God for stubbing your toe, or falling out of the shower or having someone sneeze on you and it’s just plain gross. It could be falling into the toilet- Sshh, don’t tell anyone, but when my brother was little, he somehow managed to fall into the toilet and couldn’t get out. LOL. Also, it could be smashing your thumb with a hammer or being sick and having to miss that special event you’ve been looking forward too. I could go on and on but you probably get it by now. Am I right, or am I left? See, I AM SO JOYFUL!!! Just be thankful and praise God for everything, because that His is will for you.

We are praying that our parents feel the same way as I do. Since we’ve seen it in me we know what to pray for. Please continue to pray! Mom is doing okay, but the doctor in NY would like to finish what he started.

3:31 Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I’ve gotten much closer in my walk with the Lord. I look back and see how far I’ve come and how much I am changes. Now I put my trust in Him, lover of my soul, healer of my scars. I know that I should be thankful in everything, and never let go of Jesus, because it’s a proven fact that I need Him. I let Him carry me, His beautiful bride. I trust that God has plans for me and that they are perfect. I know that God will never let me go, never leave me. I am not alone. God is in control and even when life weighs heavy on me, I know He’s in control. He’s all I need. He’s my everything. He’s always enough for me.

I love you, my heavenly Daddy, my King, my First Love. Thank you for loving me always and never letting me go. I’m nothing without You. You make me whole. You are clothed in perfect love and strength. You can do anything. I’m sorry for ever doubting You, Daddy. God, I thank you for these trials in life. I know I will NEVER be separated from your love! You whisper words of love and encouragement into my ears. You are a strong God. My heart will always sing “I love you.” You are my heart’s one desire. Just you. Father, you were there in the womb when I was being created. You created me, and you were always there watching me. I’ve loved you since I was 5, and you’ll always be my first love. I’m your special princess. You’re my Daddy, and I’m your daughter. Thank you for everything, Jesus! I love you! Amen.

I just shared my story, and I can’t wait to tell more people! I love ya’ll!

Have a joyful day!

Much love,Maddi sign off nautical


13 thoughts on “My Testimony! :)

  1. Wow! This was so encouraging. Thanks so much! You sound like an amazing servant of God. Can I reblog this? I think it’s totally worth it. And I prayed for you. God is so amazing. And you’re right!!! πŸ™‚ VERY right! Thanks again. You have an amazing way with words. I’m very glad you made this post, Maddie!!! πŸ™‚ VERY glad.

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  2. I know I’m β€œlate to the party” here, but I just had the privilege of reading this, Maddi. Thank you for sharing this from your heart. The best writing is transparent and comes from writing about what is familiar to you. You are certainly no stranger to difficulty that God uses for good, and this post will touch the hearts of all who read it.:-)

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