Grammar Lesson with Maddi: The Hopefully Talk

Hello, it’s me! (In the tune of Hello) Today’s post will be a grammar lesson. Yup, a grammar lesson. Seriously, this’ll blow your socks off!

The hopefully talk

The best teacher in the world gave me The Hopefully Talk and now it’s my turn to give it to YOU! Now, let’s get started! *cracks knuckles*

The Hopefully Talk

Exact words:

Hopefully is an adverb, and it means “full of hope.” Things that you can do “hopefully” include praying hopefully and wishing hopefully. Example: I pray hopefully for her healing. I wish hopefully that the prince will return.

“Hopefully” is commonly and erroneously used in place of “I hope that the prince will return” is fine, but “Hopefully, the prince will return is not fine because what you’re really saying is that the prince will return full of hope. (You can say that if that’s what you really mean of course!)

The best thing to do is to abstain. If you abstain, you will never use “hopefully” incorrectly. When you feel like you want to say “hopefully,”  just say, “I hope that…” or “It is hoped that…” in its place, and you will be in good shape.

So, what did ya’ll think? Surprised? I was. For your “homework assignment,” please tell me in the comments below what you thought of this lesson and what you’re thinking about the word “hopefully.”

                                                                             Class dismissed! Have a lovely night!

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