Grace’s Diary and Middle Name

I’ve chosen a middle name for my doll, Grace. Her middle name is…Evangaline! Thanks for commenting! I’ll be making a new type of post. Grace’s Diary. Here is her first entry.

Grace button

Dear Diary, I’m so glad I got a home. My friend Maddi took me to the American Girl Place before Christmas! Everywhere there were dolls. It was the coolest place I’ve ever been to. Maddi held me the whole time and we had to go on an escalator which gave her the creeps. She could only hold the railing with one hand.

My best friend, Sandie and I are very close friends. We have tea parties together and we are gonna have sleep over pretty soon.

Maddi and I look exactly the same except she doesn’t have a doll face, lol. She’s obsessed with Paris just like me. We are very alike. I will write soon.

Grace Evangaline


So my mom has a date for the surgery. It’s the 26th of this month which is really soon! This surgery is a BIG deal. We will need lots of prayer. My mom gave me a cool Paris bag with an Eiffel Tower key chain on it so I can put all my clothes in it for when I go to other people’s houses. They will watch us when my parents are in NY.  A few times people will watch us at our house. So please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you.

I made an awesome challenge for bloggers. Here it is.

Blogger's truth or dare


This is what to do: Nominate a person from a blog.


I nominate Rebekah from American Girl Guide to do either a truth or dare.

Truth: What is your favorite American Girl Lea Clark item from her collection?    OR…

Dare: I dare you to give someone water that has salt in it. Just offer them a drink.

It’s easy. Then the person you nominated tells you if she will do the challenge and if she does she will tell you if she’ll do the truth or dare. Then she will tell you the answer to the truth or if she did the dare.

So I nominate Rebekah from American Girl Guide. What will you choose Rebekah?

Have a great day!

Maddi's Button



10 thoughts on “Grace’s Diary and Middle Name

  1. I loved Grace’s first entry! And I will pray that your mom’s surgery goes well. :/
    That challenge is an AWESOME idea! I hope someone nominates me… I’m pretty sure I would do the dare. 😛 But if not, I’ll like just seeing what people choose. 🙂

    P.S. Would you like to always be entered in the button contest?


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