My American Girl Place Experience

Hi! Sadly I don’t have pictures but I’ll share my experience with you all. When we got to Natick Mall we when straight to the American Girl Place. Before we went in, my mom handed my sister and I a box. My sis got an Our Generation Doll named Jackie with brown curly hair, brown eyes and a floral shirt with orange leggings and pink cowgirl boots. Next I opened mine. Wanna know what was in that box? I’ll tell you!


In that purple box with a white star and a see through circle was a doll named Grace Thomas, an American Girl doll!

Seriously, I almost cried! I opened the box and took Grace in with us. She was a Christmas gift from my grandmother. We went in the store and, wow, amazing! Dolls were everywhere. The Grace Thomas section was on the left and the BeForever dolls on the right. We looked around on the first floor and then we went upstairs. Truly Me was upstairs. I bought the Joyful Jewels dress and a Boston souvenir tee shirt. That’s my experience!

I have a Christmas button!

Christmas button

I’ll have to catch up on the Christmas challenge tomorrow.

Maddi's Button



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