Day 7 of Christmas Challenge!

Today is supposed to be the Christmas poster using PicMonkey but I don’t know how to do that. So I’ll make something up.


My Fave Christmas Activities: 

When I’m at my cousins house I love hanging out with the boys (I only have boy cousins on my dad’s side) and they are super nice to me. I also love hanging out with the grownups. So when I get bored with the boys I go to the adults and see what they are doing then I rotate.

Sometimes we play capture the flag! Super fun!

I also like sitting around the table with our big family and watching them. It extremely funny to see what they are doing. My cousins make the funniest jokes and expressions and it always makes me laugh to death.


Are there any other Star Wars fans out there in the world? I’m a total fan! And guess what!? Tomorrow the new one comes out! Yay! It’s called Star Wars The Force Awakens. I’m super excited to see it soon. Princess Leia is my favorite character. You should see her now! It’s what, 40 years later? Her name is Carrie Fisher and she’s hilarious. She has a dog named Gary and his tongue is always sticking out. Lol.

Hope everyone has a great night!

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