Day 5 and 6 of Christmas Challenge!


I missed yesterday in the challenge so I’m gonna do two day’s worth.

A favorite Christmas Food:

I really love what my mom makes for dessert to bring to our cousins house. On Christmas Eve when we go to our cousins house we usually have snacks and kielbasa which I love! The second day we always have pies and a trifle for dessert. My mom makes the trifle. It’s chocolate cake with whipped cream, chocolate pudding and toffee crunch candy! Yum! Once, my mom made delicious homemade peanut butter chocolate desserts like Reese’ s peanut butter cups. Yumola!

A Christmas quote:

This quote is very famous in our family. My brother said it when he was really little. It has to do with the Christmas story.

“When they saw the staw (star), they were overweight!”

Lol right!? It’s the wise men! Have a good night!

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