Day 4 of Christmas Challenge

Our Christmas traditions! Every Christmas Eve at night we go to the Christmas service where we hold candles and sing. I just love that. Then after the service we drive to our cousins house for dinner, snacks, and a few bourse of fun. Then we say bye but we see them the next day at a different cousins house though. We usually get back to our house around 11:30 p.m. Last year when we got back my mom surprised us with new Christmas pajamas! EVERYONE got a new pair. My mom and I had matching shirts and pants and my little sister got the same shirt as us-it was Hello Kitty with a Santa hat-but with different pants. The pants she got matched my brothers. And my dad got new PJs too! So once we are all in our new PJs we go to bed. The next morning we wake up to presents under purple tree. But first we eat breakfast and talk a little bit about what the real reason for Christmas is. The birth of Jesus Christ. After that we open our presents in our new PJs and play with them for a while. Last Christmas I got one of my fave movies! Maleficent! My sister and I got a new Frozen DVD that is sing along. I got Lego friends, a really nice pink and light brown fleece with a matching scarf, and a few more I can’t remember. After the playing we go to our other cousins house but still on my dad’s side. I love my family so much. I have a lot of fun!

I had fun sharing these with you all. Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas!!!!!

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P.S, what are your traditions?


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