My Birthday Is Today!!!!

Hi!!! Today it’s my 14th birthday! I’m in New York now in our hotel room hanging out. Please be praying because my mom is at her appt right now!

Tonight we are going to celebrate my birthday with ordering pizza, opening a few presents and playing games. And we’re celebrating it tomorrow too. So, if I’m not able to go to American Girl Place in New York, then maybe I could go to Boston. And if not on my birthday then some time soon. Tomorrow we leave for home. We left our house a little before ten in the morning and got here around 7 and 8 and then ate out. Sadly we couldn’t go to the pool last night but we did this morning. Wow, NY is so different from where I live. Not used to it at all! Too much traffic and cars and streets! The sky at night is pretty bright actually because there are so many buildings with lights. I miss home. I brought Sandie just in case we are going to AG.

Thank you all for following my blog and writing your sweet comments. I appreciate it and all your prayers. We def need it! Thanks again everyone!!!!


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