My Awesome Birthday and Christmas Wishlist!!!

maddi's birthday wishlist

Hi! I want to show you guys my birthday/ Christmas wishlist. The button says birthday but what this is my b-day/ Christmas list. I am turning 14 years old on the third of December! Here is my wishlist.

American Girl Doll Grace Thomas…or…

American Girl Doll Truly Me #47 or #27 I don’t know which one it is.

American Girl Doll clothes ( actual brand, please!)

Gift cards to: BAM!, American Girl, Michael’s, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works lotion, body spray, shower gel

Slipper boots

Comfy socks

Bethany Hamilton Devotional

Large case of gel pens

A new sweatshirt

No heel boots

Leg warmers

Paris stuff





New short sleeved shirts


Make up

Flower hair clips

Under Armour

Folding knife

Rebelle Nerf gun

Lego Elves, Friends

Infinity scarf


And that is my wishlist! It’s a lot of stuff, huh? I was gonna do a poll but it’s not working. So I’ll just ask you.

Would you like to see Sandie the New Girl episode I can’t remember, Christmas special with Sandie, or other? I hope you have a good week! Oh, tomorrow I’m leaving for NY! I’m really excited to be there.  Maybe I could go to American Girl Place! Praying…

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6 thoughts on “My Awesome Birthday and Christmas Wishlist!!!

  1. *singing* Happy Birthday tooo you… 😉
    I hope you get a doll!!! 😀 Nerf guns are awesome. It’s fun to have Nerf gun wars with my siblings. XD


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