Small Giveaway! First One Ever :)

Hey everyone! Here is a giveaway. This is my first one and I really hope this goes well. Not sure if I’m doing it correctly…

You could win these things:


Red, blue, and white book mark with green leaf charm.


Green, blue, and white twice wrap around bracelet.

Green, blue, and white twice wrap around bracelet.


“Joy” mini poster for dolls. I signed my name on back!

I had one more picture if the poster but this edit post thing is being stupid and it won’t let me put it on! Ugh.

So you could win the bracelet, bookmark, and the mini poster.

Enter in the comments below if you’d like to. End date is November 23. Please get your parent’s permission because whoever wins will have to email me their address so I can mail the prize to you. This is my email: The winner will be pulled out of a hat randomly so good luck! I will tell who wins in this blog, the person will need to email me in two days or I give it away to someone else, I won’t publicize the address so don’t worry. Did that all make sense? Sorry if it doesn’t. This is for people who live in the United States only. Sorry, I don’t know how to do extra entries. So if you want to enter, please do it in the comments below.

Ok, well, I hope this was fine. If I’m not doing this right just tell me in the comments. Bye.

The Madster


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