Which Costume Won? Sandy’s Profile.

Hey everyone! So it’s th  15th and I have the winner! It’s obvious isn’t it? Ok it’s Sandy the Pretty Bride! *Clap, Clap*

IMG_20151013_050139   Ta-da!!!!

My grandmother made me the dress for her. I love it.


Sandy’ s Awesome Profile

Name: Sandy Grace Johnson

Nickname: Sandy Beach, Sand

Birth date: July 4, 2002

Fave season: Autumn

Fave color: light blue

Fave movie: Grace Cooks Up Success

Fave book: The Hobbit

Fave food: Fettintini Alfredo

Fave animal: Bunnies and Horses

I love modeling for Maddi, and just plain hanging out with her. But most of all, God. He is my wonderful King and I’m his special princess. I have heard that I might be getting a new friend. Maddi said that her name is Pearl Harper. But I don’t know if we’re adopting her or not. My favorite things to do are modeling  for Maddi, reading  and trail riding! Oh and hanging out with friends. I love music, acting and singing. Just like The Madster as I sometimes call her. She and I have ALWAYS wanted to go the the American Girl Place but we haven’t gone. The closest one is in Boston but we haven’t been there. My dream is to visit the store and see all the other dolls. I want to meet the famous dolls. My favorites are Grace and Maryellen!…I like getting “dolled up”. Lol! I’m a bit of an artist too. I’m kind of like Saige. And Grace.  Well, that’s my profile! Hope you know me a little better now. Bye now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright y’all! That’s my girl Sandy Beach! Hope you liked! Please comment! And if you haven’t shared about my cool blog please do so. Post again soon,

The Madster


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