Sandy the New Girl part 3

After science class, Sandy put her things in her desk and silently walked out to the very large cafeteria. She wondered what was for lunch and headed for the short line where the food was. During her classes, she figure out the names of the three mean girls. Isabella, a blue eyed brunette, Bailey, a pretty blonde, and finally Jasmine a tall Asian girl who seemd to be the leader of the “Trio”. Sandy made a mental note to stay away from them. When it was her turn to grab food she took a plate filled with mozzarella sticks, canned green beans, and applesauce. For a drink, a carton of Orange juice and for dessert a slice of Apple pie. Mmmmm…. She thought. The tray was wobbling as she carried it and she worried it might fall. But Ryan the blue eyed boy rescued her just in time. “Here. I’ll take that. Um…is it Sandy?” ” Yes, I’m Sandy. Thank you so much!” She replied. “I’m Ryan. Do you want to sit with me?” “Hi Ryan. Sure, I’ll sit with you. I don’t have any friends except you so that would be great. Thanks!” She said. “No prob.” He replied. Sandy and Ryan walked over to the rectangular table by the light brown wall. Ryan carefully place  Sandy’s food filled tray on the table. “I have to get my food. I’ll be right back.” She just smiled and started eating. She bit into the warm cheese sticks. Yum! Delicious! She thought. A few minutes later Ryan returned at the table. Just then as they were eating, Jasmine, Bailey and Isabella walked over to Ryan and Sandy’ s table. “Oh, look who it is.” Jasmine said to Sandy. “Sandy Baker the shy new girl. And look! Ryan Taylor! “What do you want Jasmine?!” Ryan asked angrily. “Nothing really. We just wanted to tell her to wear something pretty for once.” The other two girls snickered. “That’s NOT nice! Her dress IS pretty so stop! Won’t you stop being a bully!? Go away!” That got the Trio’s attention. They glared at him and walked off silently. What Sandy and Ryan didn’t realize was that everyone in the cafeteria was staring at them. The cafeteria monitor ran over the table the two were sitting at. “Is there a problem?” She asked. “Yes.” Ryan answered. “What’s that?” “Jasmine, Bailey and Isabella were bullying me.” Sandy answered. “I’m sorry to here that. I’ll figure this out. Don’t worry.” “Thank you.” The monitor left and walked to the Principle’ s office down the hall. Ryan and Sandy sighed. I hope it’s not gonna be like this forever, Sandy thought.


Well, that’s my 3rd part. Hope that was alright. BTW, the leaves here are beautiful! Pretty soon they’ll fall off!

Maddi Rae♥


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