Sandy, the new girl part 2

“Class, please turn to page 32 in your science textbooks.” It was the second day at Pinewood Elementary School. Sandy Baker, the new student, was tired from walking around to classes and mad at those mean girls who had made fun of her the day before. She silently took out her science textbook from her small desk and turned to page 32. “I would like each of you to take a turn reading a few sentences. Hmm…let’s start with Sandy.” The teacher said.

Sandy’ s point of view

Ugh. That’s exactly what I needed. Everybody staring me down. I’m sure everyone sees my red face. “Are you ready Sandy?” Mrs. Duncan asked me. “Um…sure.” I replied. Here goes…”When we think of science, we usually think of it as it is today. Sparkling, clean labs, super techy computers, and huge telescopes pointing to the twinkling stars and chemicals being mixed. Science, however, isn’t a new subject. People have been trying to understand God’s amazing creation since the creation.” That wasn’t to bad. “Great job, Sandy. Ryan, your turn.” Wait, who’s Ryan? I should get to know my classmates. “Ok, Mrs. Duncan.” A boy from behind me called out. I turned around to see who Ryan was. Woah. He’s…cute! His eyes are so blue and…oh…he smiled at me! I should  smile back. I gave him my best smile. I turned back around to follow along  while he read aloud.

IMG_20150915_125458                                 IMG_20150915_125515

Sandy at her desk….                                          Sandy’ s school supplies

Stay tuned for the third part of Sandy, the new girl! Hope you liked my second part! Please comment about what you think!


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