Sandy, the new girl….part one

Sandy sat quietly on her dark green colored couch in her bedroom thinking about her day. It had been her first day at Pinewood Elementary School and unfortunately, it had gone wrong for her, a seventh grader. “I can’t believe my first day at school went totally wrong!” She said aloud to her orange tabby cat, Wish, who had just plopped herself down next to her. “My teachers gave me loads of homework on the first day,  My classmates won’t even talk to me, and some mean girls made fun of my new pretty flower skirt!” Sandy gently scratched under Wish’ s chin and at that, she spurred loudly. “I mean, what’s not to like about my skirt!? I’m so not happy about another day at school tomorrow. I hate being the new girl. Everybody stares!” *grumble* “I’m starving! I hope dinner is ready soon!” “Sandy! Dinner is ready now!” her mother called from downstairs. “Yes! Just in time mom! I’m coming!” She and her cat headed downstairs to eat some chicken pop pie. Well, Wish just had tuna…………

Stay tuned for part two of Sandy, the new girl! I couldn’t get a picture on this post because it was being stubborn. So there is going to be another post with the picture.


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