Willow update!

Hi guys! I’ve had my bunny Willow for a few weeks now and I want to show you all some pictures of him. BTW, I chose a middle name for him. Willow Skye. I don’t know about you but I just love the name Skye and it sounds good with Willow. Ok, here are some adorable pics of my baby boy. Hope you love!




So my Kindle camera isn’t very great at pictures but I hope they are fine. Oh, and he STILL licks my face! Willow Skye is doing wonderful. Always hoppin’ around on his little feet. Well, that was my Willow update! Please comment! I hope you enjoyed it.

Maddi Rae♥



4 thoughts on “Willow update!

  1. He’s so cute! I LOVE the name Skye, and it does sound really good with Willow. The hilarious and ironic thing is that one of rats is named Willow Star. Kinda close to Willow Skye! I mean, Star and Skye are very different, but the both start with s. Plus, there’s two Willows! That just made my day. Except, my Willow is female. 😀 😛

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