Post Ideas please…

I really need bright ideas for my blog. So if you are willing, please comment so I can post those! I could do giveaways, more inspirational posts, art and crafts, ANYTHING! Could you also share my blog with with other fellow bloggers? I really hope you are enjoying my semi new blog.

Thank you so much!



13 thoughts on “Post Ideas please…

  1. Here’s an idea: are you good at a certain type of arts and craft project, like crocheting, making stuff out of clay, drawing, etc? If so maybe you could do a series on your blog and teach people how to make\draw certain things.
    Or do you like photography? Maybe you could go outside on a nice day and take some pictures in your yard. 🙂
    I hope my ideas helped you! And don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell people about your blog. 🙂


      • Okay. Just go to your blog, click on my sites, and on the drop down that appears, click “comments”. This is just so you can go to the certain format. When you get to the comments there should be a side bar. Click on Feedback and then click on Polls. Now you can add new poll. Once you made your poll, click save and go back to the spot where it shows all your polls. Now click on your poll again and copy the text it it shows below the title of your poll (it might look like: polldaddy65573 or something) and you can paste that in your post. You probably have to have an account.


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