Special spa treatment for feet!

Here is a great treatment for your feet. Enjoy 🙂

Relaxing Foot Soak

Chamomile tea soothes skin and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, and lavender essential oil moisturizes and rests tired muscles……….

You will need:

1 gallon of hot water, 5 chamomile tea bags, 4-6 drops of lavender essential oil, fresh flower petals, choice of bath salts.

Step one: Pour hot water into a small tub or bucket big enough for your feet. Add the tea bags and steep for about 10 minutes.

Step two: Add the lavender oil and flower petals, then check the water to make sure it’s not to hot.

Choice step: Add bath salts to make your skin extra soft!

Step three: Soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then dry feet with a clean towel and massage with a lotion.

BTW, the chamomile tea can also help heal scratches and scrapes. I hope your feet feel soft and relaxed after this special treatment!

– Maddi







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