Grace Thomas

Hey guys! Today I will be doing a quick review of the new Grace Thomas GOTY. She’s been out for a bit but I just got this blog. So I hope you enjoy this review! Not listing the prices though.

CGD28_grace_tee_girls_1Aww very cute! I would totally get this…

CGD29_grace_skirt_girls_1Oohh and a skirt to go with the shirt! LOVE!

CLG48_Sparkle_Bow_Tee_Girls_1I like this because it’s sparkly and aqua!

CGD37_grace_apron_girls_1This apron is the cutest one ever…

05BUN06_grace_pjs_girls_dolls_bundle_01This set is so pretty! I love that it’s for both!

CGD32_grace_sweater_girls_1This shirt is perfect for a day out…

CGD24_Grace_Sightseeing_Outfit_1And finally this very beautiful outfit!

I would get everything here! All of these outfits are pretty and I hope that you feel the same way. Yup, short review! I will do others sometime. Like maybe Grace’ s bakery. Bye!



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