My great weekend in Canada and Maine

So on Thurday my family and I left for Digby, Nova Scotia in Canada for a surprise birthday party! I was going to see my Mom’s old friends. Actually that was the first time I’ve ever met them myself except for when my Mom’s friend Carissa held me 13 years ago. We stayed in Maine that night and then the next day we went to Canada! My family had to go on a ferry from Saint John to Digby. I got sea sick. But there was a benefit to that ride. I saw a whale! The friends house was about 10 minutes away. Jen, the birthday girl, saw our motor home and thought that her husband had gotten it for her but then she saw my Dad and Mom and started screaming and crying with happiness! I got out of the motor home and met everybody and she gave me a big hug. Okay I just have to tell you she has the BEST personality ever! She’s very fun to be around. So after the meeting part us kids jumped in their nice pool because it was so hot. Oh yeah, their family owns a mink farm and I got to see the cute but dangerous animals! That night for dinner we had haddock, macaroni and cheese and yummy potatoes. Jen had no idea what was going to happen the next night. Surprise party. Before that the 3 families went to Annapolis to see the market place and Fort Anne. Later on, my mom and her friends started cooking for the big surprise party. By 7:00 or 7:30 everyone started arriving. We had Mexican food, cupcakes and a very tasty strawberry shortcake birthday cake with a tall candle for Jen the B-day Girl! After a little while my new friend and I swam in their pool at night. Uh very freezing! Then we slept in my tent. Cold also. Yesterday WE HAD TO LEAVE! UGH! I had so much fun with these people. We are home now and I miss them already!IMG_20150711_020656

Outside in a screenroom at our friends house


Getting on the ferry


At the Red Barn campground


2 thoughts on “My great weekend in Canada and Maine

  1. That was really neat to read! And I can’t believe you went to CANADA!!!! THAT’S SO COOL! And it sounds like you had a really great time–which is really good 🙂


    • Yes I had so much fun there! I miss them so much. I hope I see them soon. I just met them personally on Friday but my parents already new them. Actually the last time I saw them was when I was about a year old. But if course I can’t remember!

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