My pets :)

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce to you my pets! IMG_20150318_044804 This is Samantha.

She is very energetic and loves to be around her mommy. (Me) When she was a kitten she had a very big head and a small body. We would play hide and seek in my dark hall way.

IMG_20150605_011743 This is Ali.

She is a very old cat and a trooper! She’s 18. Ali very much wants to be outside. But she can’t. When open our front door Ali quickly escapes to her “hideout” but we ALWAYS find her!

DSCN5572 And you know Willow.

He is our newest edition. We won’t have him until the end of July though. Willow is an adorable bunny, huh? He likes it when I pick him up. And he always licks me!

IMG_20150318_044814 Uh, hi Samantha. You are very close to the camera! Curious much? 🙂 Say hello to everybody!

Sorry about a few of the pics. I only use my Kindle Fire’s camera app because I don’t have a regular camera. Hope you liked my pets 🙂


14 thoughts on “My pets :)

  1. Guess what? I got a bunny that looks kind of like yours, except she’s fluffier, and I named her Willow because I thought that was such a cute name. Thanks for the name idea! (P.S You might already know this, but rabbits really like to eat willow branches, so my Willow is named after one of a rabbit’s favorite foods!)


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